Who is Jesus?

At First Baptist Belton, everything we do is about Jesus. Worship, missions, ministry, Bible studies, events: everything we do centers around knowing, serving, and sharing who Jesus is. We believe that He is the Son of God. He was sent down to earth, lived the perfect life we couldn’t, and took our place, dying the death we deserve for the things we’ve done wrong. But the beauty of it all is that He didn’t stay dead. No, Jesus conquered death and rose (literally) three days after he died. Jesus defeated all evil that day, and His Holy Spirit now dwells in all believers; guiding them and acting as a communicator between man and God. Jesus is coming back one day to redeem all things and make all things new. Jesus was a revolutionary, a teacher, and a healer, but most importantly, He is Lord of all.

Jacob BrentonWho is Jesus?