What Are We Doing About the Texas Border Situation?

I know we are all concerned about the situation in our country and at our own Texas border. I wanted to share this message with you from Texas Baptists. Please watch the video and follow the link for tangible ways to help if you feel led:

We at Texas Baptists often get calls asking what are you doing in the Valley to help the immigration situation and what can we do. Please see the video below for a brief introduction. Texas Baptists have been working in the Valley for decades. We have addressed the problems of migrants coming across the board, especially the unaccompanied minor crisis for years. We are heavily invested in helping the “stranger.”

We know there are a lot of politics involved in all of this. Our concern is not politics, but helping people in need with the love of Christ and sharing with them the Gospel. If you feel you can, please share this video with others.

Pastor Andy

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