Update on Renewal Church

I want to share the latest on our church plant, Renewal Church. Over a year ago, the Lord gave the Elders a vision for church planting that is new for our church.  We believe that God is leading us to plant a new congregation in Bell County.  That will be Renewal Church.  After Renewal is launched, we will begin steps toward planting a church in what the North American Mission Board calls “Send Cities.”  That encompasses many of the major cities in the United States. When we called Matthew Levant to be our Minister for Missions, we affirmed that we were calling him to lead us in missions AND to plant a church in Bell County of which he would be the pastor.  I know that we would all agree that Matthew has done a great job in leading us, evidence the nearly twenty mission trips being taken by our people this year.

Soon Matthew will need to devote more and more attention to preparing the new plant.  So, Matt Hollingsworth is leading a search for a new Minister of Missions who will work with Matthew Levant and then replace him when Renewal Church launches Easter Sunday, 2019. This is part of the budget we adopted in March that became effective April 1.

So, it is imperative that we all pray for all that is involved in launching Renewal Church.  There is much work to be done in starting a new work.

In addition to praying, it is necessary that we raise sufficient funding for Renewal to launch well.  Many of you have given or are planning to give.  Our goal is to raise $190K for the launch and first year of the new church.  Through your generosity, to date we have received over $39K.  Now is a great time to give before we have our pledge campaign for our move to the Hilltop. For years, our church has given thousands of dollars to plant churches all over Texas through the Mary Hill Davis offering received each September.  Now we ave the opportunity to plant a church right here among our neighbors.  I hope you will respond. You may do so on The City or by writing a check with “Renewal Church” in the memo line.

In addition to praying and giving, I hope some of you are talking as a family and praying together about being  founding members of Renewal Church. Yes, it would mean leaving FB Belton but in doing so, you would be helping to fulfill the vision God has given us as a church.  If you have questions about what all of that means, Matthew would consider it  a joy to talk with you.

When Renewal begins meeting for worship, they will meet at  North Belton Middle School.   The “permanent location” is yet to be decided and will be a matter of prayer from day one for the new congregation and for us as the “mother church.”

I trust this update is helpful in your understanding of the new church plant.  There are many people who will be reached for Jesus in the years to come.  You and I have the privilege to cooperate with God in the reaching of many through Renewal Church. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Pastor Andy Davis