Update on our college students

(From Barbara, team leader – lightly edited)

Steve, David (missionary) and I have just returned from eating the evening meal at an African restaurant. David and I ordered African dishes; Steve went with spaghetti and meat sauce. I had some delicious riz gras (a great rice dish with lots of stuff in it and David had baked fish with cooked onions and cucumbers. David and I tasted each other’s choice…FINE DINING. We all three ate (drinks included) for a total of $13.

David, having just returned this afternoon from the village where our students are now located, gave us an update on the group. They are all doing well and no one has any health problems at this point. Brandon does have a rash…perhaps from the heat…but David and Kerry (ISC Missionary) have kept a close eye on it. All have slept but not really well because of the heat…that was expected, though.

Everyone has been getting up around 5 a.m. to bathe (if they want to) and dress for the day. They have a devotional/prayer time together. Breakfast is at six…consisting of a rice mush with sweetened condensed milk and sugar cubes, hot coffee or hot tea and some bread that David brought to the village.

The students have been playing with the children and taking any opportunities to do servant evangelism among the Lyele people. They have played soccer, frisbee, chase…made up games. The 4 girls are still trying to decide whether they want the ladies/girls to do their hair like the African women do…corn braiding or “antennas” (we’ll let the girls explain that and will have photos).

The students have experienced some strange foods for the other meals…”To” (not sure of spelling but pronounced like “toe”), sauces with strange meats/animal parts that they have never eaten. You can use your imagination on this one and still probably not “visualize” all that the students have seen in the sauce!

The students all had an opportunity to give a short testimony/Scripture/ meditation the first evening…all participated. David translated the English into French and the local pastor, Justin, translated the French into Lyele. The JESUS film and THE PASSION have been shown to the people. About 60 to 70 attended the showing of the JESUS film and around 300 viewed THE PASSION. Although those who viewed the JESUS film did watch it, the crowd that saw THE PASSION were more deeply touched…all 300 were in rapt attention. Afterwards the local pastors gave an invitation and had prayer. David said there were not any immediate commitments but the people were deeply touched. Pray with us for a harvest of souls “right around the corner”!

Our team of students has also had an opportunity to go to a village market…it will be great to hear their impressions of this experience!

I am praying right now about going to the village tomorrow afternoon and spending the night. David will return and I can ride out with him. This adjustment in my particular schedule has come as a possibility because I am not meeting with the women until Monday and Tuesday. Originally I was to have met with the women at the same time that Steve met with the pastors but the local pastor in charge had changed the schedule before we arrived. You can join me in this…praying about my overnight village stay and my time with the women.

Steve finished his time with the 8 pastors at noon today and they were very appreciative and receptive. There was a good time of discussion/questions in today’s session. Steve will probably go to the village on Monday to see the students in ministry.

Lovingly with blessings to all!
Barbara (for both of us)