Texas Missions Month Blog: Week 5

Commitment Issues

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the simplest of tasks become gargantuan undertakings? Like hanging picture frames on the wall. No big deal, right? Nope. While living in Abu Dhabi, the simple task of hanging a picture frame was anything but easy. Since the walls were made of cinder block, we had to use 3M Command strips and hooks, which worked fine to hang small picture frames. But, hanging curtains or larger pictures required complete commitment.

I needed a power drill, special drill bits, wall anchors, and screws. Oh yeah, I also needed a dose of patience and humor because drilling into concrete caused clouds of dust to engulf me, set off cracks across the wall, and made chunks of the wall crumble and fall before my eyes. Once a picture was up on the wall, there was NO MOVING it. Sometimes we were all-in. We’d commit to hanging the picture frame. Other times? Not so much.

Commitment: a dedication or obligation that binds an individual to a particular person, cause, or course of action.

Whether it’s at school, work, church, in our relationships, with our finances, or hanging picture frames on concrete walls, we all have commitments. Commitment is a part of life. It should be normal for us to commit. I say that because God created us to reflect His character. God is committed to us.

If so, why do we have commitment issues? We live in an age where it has become normal for us to fear commitment. There are lots of reasons why we have commitment issues; I’ll just mention a few of the most common ones:

Fear of Disappointment

If you’ve been let down before, you might be afraid of committing again. Stepping out into the unknown or unfamiliar can be terrifying if past attempts were met with deep disappointment.

Fear of Failure

Sadly, many people feel worthless or useless. These unhealthy feelings can be a result of many factors including past failure or toxic relationships. I’ve met many paralyzed people who couldn’t bring themselves to attempt anything for God because they dreaded failing again.

Fear of Pain

None of us want to be uncomfortable, taste rejection, or hurt again. Our fear of discomfort and pain is a powerful motivation to avoid commitment.

Commitment Issues and Church Planting

As we approach the conclusion of Texas Missions Month, are you facing paralyzing anxiety and fear?

Maybe you have sensed the Spirit of God calling you to give a gift to fund the church plant start-up, but you are afraid to make the commitment. Perhaps, you are sensing God stirring in your heart to leave your home church, join the Renewal Church Launch Team, and help plant this new church…but you’re too fearful to commit.

Deep within your soul, you know what God is calling you to do for His Kingdom, and yet, you find yourself motionless.

God Makes Us Brave

What’s the difference between being a coward and being brave? The coward runs away and hides in the face of fear. Being brave means you take action in the face of fear.

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear…” (1 John 4:18)

From eternity past, long before you were even conceived, God deeply loved you. Today, in the middle of your brokenness and fears, God deeply loves you. Tomorrow, and for all of eternity, you will be deeply loved by God. Knowing and believing that you are the recipient of eternal and perfect love pushes all the fears away! God makes you brave!

You are not defined by your disappointments, failures, or pain. If you belong to God, you are defined by who you are in Jesus. You are loved, chosen, adopted, redeemed, anointed, victorious, set apart as holy, and called to “proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” (1 Peter 2:9)

We have a mission to accomplish for the glory of our King! There are thousands of unchurched people in Bell County that are desperate for God’s renewal, which is why we are planting Renewal Church.

God is faithful to us. Through His empowering, we can be faithful to Him.

See What God can do Through You

Sunday, September 30 is Church Plant Commitment Sunday. Members of First Baptist Belton will have a unique opportunity to express their commitment to Renewal Church during the worship services.

Have you heard God’s voice calling you to PRAY, GIVE, or GO?

Adventure awaits! What’s holding you back? Reach out for God in the middle of your uncertainty and know that your Father won’t disappoint you. You are already trusting God with your eternity. Maybe now is the time for you to see what God can do through you when you trust Him with today.

Matthew Levant
Church Planter