Texas Missions Month Blog: Week 2

The Last Blockbuster and Church Planting

I read an article recently about the last Blockbuster video store. Turns out, there’s actually one left! Who’d a thunk it? I really thought Redbox and Netflix killed off Blockbuster years ago. But, the last of the video stores is staving off extinction in Bend, Oregon by selling…wait for it…their own beer! That’s right, the only remaining Blockbuster has partnered with a local brewery to sell “The Last Blockbuster Beer”.

Despite the creative marketing, truth be told, nostalgia is the only reason for an open video store in 2018. People are fascinated by seeing a little piece of a bygone era. This last Blockbuster is more of a museum than a store.

Many people fear that church plants kill existing churches much like Redbox and Netflix killed off Blockbuster. They fear that existing churches might become dusty museums of a past era. And, they believe that new upstart churches share some of the blame for the decline in established churches.

Is it true? Do new churches hurt existing churches?

God’s Story

The moment that humanity rebelled against God, we took a nose-dive into corruption, brokenness, and death. The Bible is God’s Story of taking the initiative to rescue people from all nations. God has a missionary heart that longs to seek and save the lost; God is a loving Father that reaches out to have His children close to His heart.

Stepping into God’s Story

“Jesus said to them again, ‘Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.’” (John 20:21)

Jesus is sending us to reach those that are far from God. Jesus invites us to step into God’s Story and continue His mission. When we plant new churches that reach new people, we are stepping into God’s Story!

Renewal Church will not focus on “transfer growth” or “stealing sheep” from existing churches. Instead, our focus will be on reaching unchurched people in our community. I respect and value the existing churches of Bell County. I pray we never hurt a single established church.

I also pray that Renewal Church will encourage existing churches in Bell County to step into God’s Story by intentionally reaching new people in our community. I hope that no church ever becomes a dusty museum of a past era. May we see only vibrant, growing churches!

You can step into the story God is telling through Renewal Church three ways:

  • Pray. I invite you to pray for this new church
  • Give. First Baptist Belton members can use Renewal Church giving envelopes on Sunday mornings. You can also give online: give.renewalchurch.net
  • Go. You can join the Renewal Church launch team and see what God can do through you

Our mission-minded God calls us to spread His gospel and multiply His church for the display of His glory. Will you step into His story?

Matthew Levant

Church Planter