Here is the latest update on the move to the Hilltop.

Our architects are working on our suggested plans. They are focusing on the orientation of buildings and parking, including entrances/exits onto MLK and Loop 121. There are many factors to be taken into consideration such as views from inside looking out (the property is beautiful), sun and wind, existing vegetation, drainage, utilities, city ordinances, and more.

The firm is also focusing on access—something that is of major importance to all of us. That includes the entrances and exits, internal traffic flow—both inside and outside of buildings, parking, and expandable parking.

We are committed to a front entry point that says, “You are welcome here.” We want a modern design that fits Central Texas, that looks like a church but is not ostentatious. We need our facilities to be maintainable, fully accessible, and expandable as we anticipate growth.

Most importantly, we want a church that has a structure that glorifies God. We anticipate having something for the church family to see from the architect by sometime in September or early October. If you like what you see without too many major changes, we could have a ceremonial groundbreaking in the fall followed by actual construction in late March or early April. You will be voting on the design as well as the cost.

A formal fundraising campaign for Faithful God Faithful Future will begin in the fall. The plans are being worked as I type. Some people have already started giving. THANK YOU!!! You do not have to wait if you feel led to start giving now, but the formal pledge effort will begin after the summer months.

We are also, with the help of attorneys, in consultation with UMHB on the formal memorandum of agreement between the university and the church that will be the basis for the actual contract. That is going very smoothly, as you would expect between two institutions that love and respect each other. We anticipate closing on the property in early fall.

So, pray and pray some more. Give, if you wish to start. Anticipate something to see on paper in the fall. To God be the glory.

Pastor Andy Davis