Sunday Cancellations

Our elders and staff have been prayerfully monitoring and discussing precautionary measures regarding the coronavirus. This morning we learned of a positive case of COVID-19 in Belton. In light of this news, the elders have discussed numerous options and have decided to cancel all scheduled services and activities for this Sunday, March 15. We are presently looking into the possibility of live streaming and if that is possible, we’ll notify everyone with details.

The leadership of the church is keeping a close watch on all items related to this unprecedented health event. We plan to be open Monday during regular business hours and will be meeting to discuss other weekly church events and future steps. Updates will be communicated as decisions are made. Again, we will NOT be holding worship services or activities on Sunday, March 15.

As of now, Church Weekday will continue to follow the BISD schedule (

I am praying for the FBB family. I am grateful to serve with you all.

Pastor Andy


We will be streaming our service on Facebook LIVE! on Sunday, March 15th at 8:30am.