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The Bible has a lot to say about suffering. Join us as we spend the summer delving into a biblical theology of pain, and seeing how God has been faithful in the lives of our members. See what to expect on a Sunday for more.


Each story listed below has the full length testimony of a family’s suffering.

Other Sermons

We have all of our sermons since 2009 archived, with subjects ranging from book studies to tough questions, and everywhere in between.

Sermon Archive

10: Suffering Because of Christ

Pastor Andy talks about suffering as a consequence of serving Jesus.

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Pam Taylor:

Jayne and Gary Bledsoe:

Pat Reynolds:

9: Lord God Almighty

We reflect on the Lord’s majesty and the importance of recognizing His glory in the midst of suffering.

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8: Just Get Through it or Learn From it?

Pastor Andy points out the importance of learning within suffering.

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Colton White:

Sherri Fincher:

7: Crying Out in Suffering

We continue to look through the book of Job and his continued suffering.

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6: The Faces of Suffering

We look through the book of Job and see his reaction to pain.

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The Springers:

The Saikleys:

5: How Can I make It?

In the midst of suffering, it can seem like we just won’t be able to make it to the next hour, much less the next day. Pastor Andy tackles this tough issue.

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4: Suffering: Why Me?

In the midst of suffering, have you ever found yourself asking “Why me?”

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The Campbells:

The Byrds:

3: The Christian in the Middle of Suffering

As a Christ follower, we are called to suffer in a way that is set apart from the world. Join Pastor Andy as we explore this issue.
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2: God has a Purpose in Our Suffering

Pastor Andy reminds us that in the midst of suffering, God does have a purpose. We may not know that purpose on earth, but our pain will be used for His glory

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The Basses:

The McKinneys:

1: Weeping While Waiting for Joy

This introductory message laid the groundwork for our Suffering study. Though all believers will face suffering, joy will come in the morning.

  • Pain is real
    • Do not pretend
    • Do not minimize it
    • Do not give up
  • Where is God?
    • He suffers with you
    • He will not forsake you
    • He is your hope
  • Joy comes in the morning


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