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At First Baptist Belton, we believe that teaching the Bible is an integral part of knowing Jesus intimately. God has revealed Himself to us through His Word, so we take the study of Scripture seriously. Every week we will post our Sunday Sermons from both the AM services and the PM service. The AM services generally explore books of the Bible from start to finish, gleaning truth from the Text. The PM services generally allow for a time of topical exposition. We hope that the sermons archived here are a blessing to you and your family.

Recent Sermons – AM

Andy Davis - Nov 22, 2015

Pay Attention...Identifying the Deceivers

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Pay Attention...Identifying the Deceivers Nov 22, 2015 Listen
Pay Attention Nov 8, 2015 Listen
Celebration of All That God Has Done Nov 1, 2015 Listen
What Is a Sign that a Church Loves the Lord? Aug 30, 2015 Listen
What Can the Christian Do About Our Schools? Aug 23, 2015 Listen
The Lord's Supper: What Does It Mean? Jul 5, 2015 Listen
America's Tipping Point Jun 28, 2015 Listen
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The Spiritual Vision Plan, 2015-2020 Mar 29, 2015 Listen
The World Before Me Jan 11, 2015 Listen
Immanuel Dec 21, 2014 Listen
The Lord's Supper - Do Not Forget Jul 6, 2014 Listen
Stewardship and the Believer Apr 27, 2014 Listen
The Resurrected Jesus Apr 20, 2014 Listen

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Recent Sermons – PM

Andy Davis - Oct 4, 2015

I Feel So Hopeless

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I Feel So Hopeless Oct 4, 2015 Listen
Desperate for Encouragement Sep 13, 2015 Listen
Facing Death Aug 16, 2015 Listen
Facing Persecution Aug 9, 2015 Listen
Homosexuality Jul 19, 2015 Listen
Christians and Muslims Jul 5, 2015 Listen
The Trintity May 31, 2015 Listen
The Word of God Mar 22, 2015 Listen
A Lesson on Forgiveness May 18, 2014 Listen
One God Mar 16, 2014 Listen
Heaven Feb 23, 2014 Listen
2014 Deacon Ordination Jan 12, 2014 Listen

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