Safe and sound

(From Steve, team leader – lightly edited)

I wanted to send a quick note to say that we arrived in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, right on time today. The trip was long and very tiring, but we all arrived safely. Tomorrow, we will hit the ground running with ministry and outreach. David and Tami, 2 of our IMB career missionaries for the past 14 years in West Africa, along with Kerry, a young man serving in the IMB’s International Service Corps (ISC) program, were at the airport to meet us and get us back to the Southern Baptist Guesthouse Complex where we are spending this arrival night. The plan is for us to take our 9 students to their first bush village tomorrow where they will begin their ministry immediately of servant evangelism and direct evangelism (with translation) as God opens the door.

Barbara and I will come back to the nearest town of Koudougou where we will stay in a hotel and have a daily prayer-walking ministry & evangelism ministry in the neighborhoods where 8 small Baptist churches (some with brand-new, young pastors, who are recent graduates from a Bible-school) are located. On Thursday, I will begin teaching 2 Discipleship programs to these 8 pastors and some lay leaders in their churches (to help them know how to be effective discipling churches with their members, including their new converts). We will challenge them to take this teaching (soundly Biblical) and go back and put it into action in their local churches. I will be doing this teaching/training totally in French, so pray that I will be able to have the (true “Acts 2” gift of tongues). I want to teach it “clearly, as I should” (Colossians 4:2).

We still hope to have dial-up internet access from our hotel in Koudougou, so that we could continue to send daily prayer updates. Even though Barbara and I will not be personally in the villages every day with the students, we will be getting daily cell-phone reports from the missionaries and will be able to pass that on to you.

One immediate prayer request is for the health of Barbara. She had been taking an antibiotic before our departure for an infection and we thought that she had turned the corner and was pretty much over it. However, this evening, in a very fatigued state, she was running a fever of 101.8 degrees F. She does still have some antibiotic to take and we are hoping and praying that, with the antibiotic and a good night sleep, she will bounce back tomorrow.

David and Tami are deeply appreciative of the Solar-powered security lights that our church purchased for them, some needed books for their continued ministry preparation and also for the extra bag charge for getting these items to them. They send their sincere thank-you to our church.

That’s all for this evening. I (we) will hope to send another update tomorrow evening that could be put on the blog.

I’m off to bed for some much needed sleep.In His Name and His Power,