Ronnie Cohen to speak June 26

When Pastor Andy led his most recent trip to Israel, his guide was Ronnie Cohen. Ronnie will be in Belton to speak in our evening worship service on June 26 at 6 pm.  Ronnie is one of Israel’s best known guides. He is a native of New York City but is now an Israeli citizen. Ronnie is also a “completed Jew,” having given his life to Christ after emigrating to Israel. He will share his testimony and also talk about current affairs in Israel. Please invite friends to come. This is a rare opportunity for us.

Ronnie Cohen, a veteran tour guide, has led thousands of Christians on their spiritual pilgrimage to the land of Israel. Originally from Brooklyn, he made ‘Aliya’ to Israel in the 1970s and has lived there since. But Ronnie is more than just a tour guide. He has gone through his own spiritual pilgrimage and come to faith in Jesus as his own Savior and Messiah. His personal journey is almost as fascinating as the land of Israel itself.

Ronnie was born in New York City on the Lower East Side, attending the neighborhood’s public schools. He grew up in a very secular home. His Mom was Italian and his Dad Jewish, but he was brought up honoring the Jewish faith.

Ronnie was an Eagle Scout and enjoyed camping and pioneering. He was also with the New York contingent sent to Philmont Scout Camp in New Mexico.

In Junior High School and High School he studied music and was in the school orchestra. Later he majored in music at Hunter College and studied part time at Juliard.

After losing his student deferment, he was drafted into the U.S. Army, served a tour of duty in Vietnam, was wounded and later discharged.

He then began to travel the world – mostly Europe, N. Africa and the Far East. After about 3 years of traveling he arrived in Israel and worked as a volunteer on a Kibbutz by the Sea of Galilee. After becoming an Israeli citizen he served 2 years in the Israeli Army, 6 months as a paratrooper and 18 months as a tank crewman in an armored brigade.

In 1982, as a reservist, his unit was call to the “Peace For Galilee” war in Lebanon. Once again Ronnie saw combat action. His tank was hit on the third day of fighting against the Syrian army, and he suffered minor wounds.

Today, Ronnie and his wife Molly have two grown children who have both served in the Israeli military. The are proud grandparents of a two and a half year old girl.

Ronnie has been working for the last 23 years as a tour guide and came to faith 17 years ago.