No news is good news in Burkina Faso

(From Barbara, team leader – lightly edited)

I am writing again tonight for Steve and me. It is about 9:15 p.m. local time…we had to wait about 30 minutes more in the hotel restaurant before coming to the room because the electricity went out and it was too dark to get up from the table and come to our room. Really I have been surprised that the electricity has not gone off before this evening.

We woke up this morning to absolutely no water pressure (our room was on the second floor, and with others below us using the water there was no way we could get enough pressure to get any in our room) so Steve went down to ask for a bucket of water for me to bathe…he had bathed the night before…smart! I will quickly add that a bucket of water is plenty to bathe with and wash your hair also! And, just to give you a bit more information, I did both of those things only using about one fourth of the water in the bucket. Are you all impressed or are you all saying “she must have still smelled bad”? Whatever you are thinking, tell me when you see me again that you are impressed!

Steve did his first day of teaching with the local pastors this morning…there were seven who came to participate in the discipleship study. I want to quickly praise our Lord for Steve spoke French like he had never been gone from the language for more than 18 months! The pastors were so gracious and so thankful for the study time with Steve. Tammy and I stayed during the entire study time also.

At around 12:30 pm we came back to the hotel to eat lunch and rest a little after our meal. The heat is so oppressive from around noon until 4 pm. Tammy, Steve and I visited the African market in Koudougou this afternoon….one can find most anything that one needs there. I was on a mission to find a couple of African dresses much like the 2 that I had brought with me but to no success! The style of the Burkinab√© women (what a person is called who is from Burkina Faso) is a bit different now…the ladies are wearing two piece outfits (skirt and blouse that matches or does not match). There were a few dresses available but they were all too little…even my recent weight loss did not help! We then drove to another area where there are a few souvenir shops to check out the offerings. I found a beautiful African cloth dress that had not yet been totally finished…one size fits all possibility…and they “sized” it while we looked around at the other wonderful African art work…wood carvings, bronze work, batiks, tablecloths, drums, bracelets, etc. etc. and also listened to a young man play the balafon (xylophone made with wood and gourds) and the African drum. Steve got some great photos of African daily life as we sat on the wooden bench outside the craft shops enjoying the sea of people pass before our eyes. We will return to these shops on Sunday afternoon with all of the students so that they can look at all the gift possibilities. And the young man who played for us promised to be there with more guys to entertain us! I hope that will happen!

Just a quick word about my health: I did have a fever last evening later on but felt even better today than I did the day before. At this writing I do not have fever….all systems seem to be working fine…and I am so grateful to the Lord. Thank you all who have been praying for me!

Steve will continue his study with the pastors tomorrow morning. On Monday and Tuesday of next week I will meet with the ladies. Please continue to pray for both of us. I do want to do some prayer walking with the African ladies and I do want to sing with them. I am not sure if I will do a Bible study with them or not at this point but I did bring a couple of studies in French that I did with the women in Ivory Coast.

No word from the students in the village but that is probably very good news. For if anything had happened (sickness or injury), then that is when we would have gotten news. We have no phone communication at all with them while in the village. Keep praying for their witness for our Lord Jesus!!

Blessings and love to all!
Barbara (for both of us)