African Wedding and Student News

(From Barbara, team leader – lightly edited) After spending the morning in Koudougou, Steve, Tammy and I headed out to the village of Sienne around noon to be with all the students. We drove to Bouldie to see if the pastor there could ride with us to Sienne but he had already left on his bicycle. With lots of hand … Read More

Matthew IrvineAfrican Wedding and Student News

Women’s Ministry Update

(From Barbara and Steve, team leaders – lightly edited) Hi to all or our friends, family and prayer warriors. We all doing well. No direct news from the villages where our 2 teams of students are ministering. However, as you know, each team has one of our I.M.B. missionaries (David or Kerry) with them and we know that “no news … Read More

Matthew IrvineWomen’s Ministry Update

IBS Introduces New Military Bibles

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado —On July 1, 2005, International Bible Society (IBS) introduced several new Bibles designed especially for the military. IBS first provided Scriptures to American military troops during the War of 1812 and has provided Scriptures for the U.S. military and its allies in every major military conflict since, as well as during times of peace. During the past … Read More

Jack HelmerIBS Introduces New Military Bibles

Exciting women’s ministry and student update

(From Barbara, team leader – lightly edited) I met with the ladies this morning. The meeting was to have begun at 9; there were only three ladies there then. By 9:30, Marcelline, the wife of the pastor at the church at the pastor’s training school here in Koudougou told me to go ahead and begin…we had perhaps only six ladies … Read More

Matthew IrvineExciting women’s ministry and student update

Students get some much needed R&R

(From Steve, team leader – lightly edited) Good evening from Burkina Faso. We just arrived back at our hotel from the restaurant where our entire team ate this evening. We were there an exceptionally long time due to heavy rain (this is probably the beginning of Burkina Faso’s big rainy season) and power outages that prevented the cooks from getting … Read More

Matthew IrvineStudents get some much needed R&R

New arrivals and new opportunities

(From Steve, team leader – lightly edited) Good evening to all from Burkina Faso. Kerry (the 3rd missionary working with our team in B.F.) has been with our student team in the village of Bouldie from yesterday afternoon to this afternoon. No direct news from the village today, but we are assuming and believing that everyone on the team is … Read More

Matthew IrvineNew arrivals and new opportunities

Update on our college students

(From Barbara, team leader – lightly edited) Steve, David (missionary) and I have just returned from eating the evening meal at an African restaurant. David and I ordered African dishes; Steve went with spaghetti and meat sauce. I had some delicious riz gras (a great rice dish with lots of stuff in it and David had baked fish with cooked … Read More

Matthew IrvineUpdate on our college students

Military Spouse Day, 2007

A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America America’s military spouses inspire our Nation with their sense of duty and deep devotion to our country. On Military Spouse Day, we honor the husbands and wives of those who wear the uniform of the Armed Forces of the United States. The husbands and wives of our service members … Read More

Jack HelmerMilitary Spouse Day, 2007

Military Missions Network (MMN)

These guys are on to something. Their vision is to get local churches, military chaplains and para-church organizations to work together to provide a more effective ministry to our service men and women and their families. Why hasn’t this been done already!?! The MMN describes this as three streams of ministry merging together to form a mighty river. Each “stream” … Read More

Jack HelmerMilitary Missions Network (MMN)

No news is good news in Burkina Faso

(From Barbara, team leader – lightly edited) I am writing again tonight for Steve and me. It is about 9:15 p.m. local time…we had to wait about 30 minutes more in the hotel restaurant before coming to the room because the electricity went out and it was too dark to get up from the table and come to our room. … Read More

Matthew IrvineNo news is good news in Burkina Faso