Faith in the foxhole

By Barbara Bedrick (5/24/07) CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. –The closer one gets to the foxhole, the more spiritual human beings, in general, become according to a spiritual warrior who has served on the Iraqi battlefield.As Americans pay tribute this Memorial Day to those troops who have died fighting for their country, military chaplains like Capt. Bill Perdue, U.S. Navy, 1st Marine … Read More

Jack HelmerFaith in the foxhole

Help Teens Cope When Military Parents Leave

Written by Richard E. Dodge When a teen’s father or mother is been deployed for military service, not only is there a vacuum in the family for personal and spiritual guidance, but also the potential for resentment, anger and confusion about why a parent has been pulled away. While no one can replace a parent when youth struggle with questions … Read More

Jack HelmerHelp Teens Cope When Military Parents Leave

Mobilizing for Ministry: Helping Families Face War

Written by Richard E. Dodge Christ has equipped millions of Christians to take up the challenge of ministering to individuals and families in crisis. Since the 9/11 attack, thousands of Americans have left home and church to fulfill military obligations while defending freedom. Each military family—those in the military as well as families left behind—represent ministry opportunities for almost every … Read More

Jack HelmerMobilizing for Ministry: Helping Families Face War

Welcome Home! What’s Next?

Written by HomeLife Staff Tony Rankin, clinical therapist and father of an active-duty Marine, says the key to reentry is “anticipation, expectation, and realism. The most necessary response is empathy.” Envision what life has looked like from both perspectives. Matt says after a long deployment, he feels “like a stranger” in his own home. Lori says it’s “hard to go … Read More

Jack HelmerWelcome Home! What’s Next?

Stress Relief for Military Families

Written by Bonnie Erb This article is courtesy of ParentLife magazine Q: “My spouse is serving overseas in the U.S. Armed Forces. I am finding it challenging to handle the separation. Can you give me some practical suggestions for dealing with the stresses of military life?” A. There are seven suggestions I would offer to help ease the stresses of … Read More

Jack HelmerStress Relief for Military Families

Providing Lifelines for Military Spouses

Written by Major Steven E. West, USAF A young woman walked into my office in tears and asked if she could talk to me. Before I could respond, she sat down, buried her face in her hands and began to cry uncontrollably. Two weeks earlier her husband had walked out of the house and had not returned. She had only … Read More

Jack HelmerProviding Lifelines for Military Spouses

Ministering to your military members

By: Bill Graham, Lifeway Christian Resources Fort Campbell, Ky., is home of the Army’s elite 101st Airborne Division, and First Baptist Church in Clarksville, Tenn., has a unique ministry opportunity to the soldiers and families of Fort Campbell. “Our purpose is to provide emotional and prayerful support for these special people,” said Bill Graham, associate pastor of missions and ministry, … Read More

Jack HelmerMinistering to your military members

New chief of chaplains nominated

By Jim Tice (Army Times) An officer who began his career as a field artilleryman has been nominated for promotion to major general and assignment as the chief of chaplains. If confirmed by the Senate, Brig. Gen. Douglas L. Carver, deputy chief of chaplains, will replace Maj. Gen. David H. Hicks, who has been the Army’s top chaplain since July … Read More

Jack HelmerNew chief of chaplains nominated

Burkina team back in Texas

Our Burkina Faso mission team arrived safely in Belton, back from an exciting journey to the edge of civilization. We will be receiving updates from the team members shortly, and we will be sure to share those with you here. Thank you for your prayers for the team. We pray now that hearts will be stirred for missions and respond … Read More

Matthew IrvineBurkina team back in Texas

Struecker puts life on the line for the Gospel

By Bryan Cribb Jeff Struecker’s war is on two fronts. As a chaplain in the 82nd Airborne, the Southern Seminary graduate is participating in “Operation Enduring Freedom,” the United States’ post-9/11 attempt to purge the planet of terror. But Struecker’s most difficult fight is against another foe – not against Osama bin Laden, not against terrorists, not against flesh and … Read More

Jack HelmerStruecker puts life on the line for the Gospel