Military Missions Network (MMN)

MMN LogoThese guys are on to something. Their vision is to get local churches, military chaplains and para-church organizations to work together to provide a more effective ministry to our service men and women and their families. Why hasn’t this been done already!?!

The MMN describes this as three streams of ministry merging together to form a mighty river. Each “stream” has specific strengths and weaknesses and once they merge their strengths compliment one another creating a formidable force for the Gospel. To learn more about the MMN, check out their website at

Another great tool they have on their website is a catalog of local churches in different military communities that fall under the two categories of “military friendly” and “military focused” churches. As more churches get involved with the MMN, this list will grow and help military families find and establish themselves in a church home when they PCS from one duty station to another. Another way this tool can be used is by chaplains looking for local churches to support them in their ministry. As of now, most chaplains are skeptical of the local church, and rightly so. Many times churches try to use chaplains to increase their membership. If churches would instead offer themselves and their resources to the work of God in the chaplain’s ministry, then these barriers can begin to come down. This is not an easy task, but with the help of the MMN and earnestly seeking God’s will, I believe the local church can have a greater impact on the lives of our soldiers, chaplains and their families.