Message from your Leadership Transition Team

The Leadership Transition Team (LTT) has been working for a year and a half. Our pastor has preached on the subject twice. The deacons have had two presentations and at the last presentation, endorsed the recommendation overwhelmingly.

Links are found below for the leadership document, the constitution, the bylaws, and the committee structure document. They are presented for your prayerful consideration.

We have scheduled two “town hall” meetings that you can attend to hear comments, ask questions, or make suggestions. The schedule follows:

  • Town Hall Meeting 1—Wednesday, September 5 at 6 pm in Room 254.
  • Town Hall Meeting 2—Sunday, September 16 at 4:30 pm in Room 254.

Kingdom Kids will be available for both meetings.


The first reading of the Constitution/bylaw changes will be at the September 16 business conference (5:50 pm.)

The documents will be voted on at the October 28 (5:45 pm) business conference.



Feel free to contact any member of the LTT with questions prior to the Town Halls or if you are unable to attend either.


Jerry Bawcom

Ron Clemons

Andy Davis

Mark Fitzwater

Jason Goings

Michelle Masters

Cheri Strange

Larry Thompson