Elder Nominees

ElderOn Sunday morning, May 26, on behalf of the Leadership Transition Team, the pastor announced the names of the nominees for our first Elder Body.

  • Jerry Bawcom
  • Wallace Davis
  • Kent Elliott
  • Randy Hughes
  • Bobby Johnson
  • Mike Miller

For each of the next three Sundays, the church will have the opportunity to hear a greeting from two of the men. Their testimonies are in printed form and available for pick up each Sunday or in the church office during the week. Those present May 26 were able to pick up the booklet containing the testimonies. If you were out May 26, please pick up your copy this Sunday.

The church will vote on the slate at the Business Conference on Sunday evening, June 23. If anyone has a concern about any of the six men, we ask that the concern be placed in writing and signed and submitted to the pastor not later than June 16. The LTT will respond to any who share concerns.

Pray for these men and their families.