Elder Nominations 2016


See the bottom of this post for the elder nomination form link. Please mark your nominations by May 1.

Qualifications for Elder:    Elders shall be men whose lives are characterized by the qualifications set forth in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. Elders shall adhere to the Baptist Faith and Message and any different provisions as may be adopted by the church. Elder qualifications include:

  1. Elders must joyfully and gratefully accept the office of elder and demonstrate spiritual leadership abilities among the flock.
  2. Elders must be able to teach and follow the Word of God.
  3. Elders must clearly show their love of God and others.
  4. Elders must be able to manage their own household in a Biblical manner.
  5. Elders must be able to spiritually manage their personal relationships.
  6. Elders must be men who are seeking to be controlled by Christ and His Word rather than by worldly and fleshly desires.
  7. Elders must be members of First Baptist Belton, actively involved in the church’s worship, teaching, and ministry for at least two years.
  8. Elders should be above reproach in the eyes of the church and the community.

Elder Responsibilities:      Elders are not to serve under compulsion, for sordid gain, or in a domineering manner (I Peter 5:1-3). As shepherds, elders are to oversee, guide, lead and guard the congregation of First Baptist Belton. The responsibilities of the elder body include:

  1. Elders are to be seekers of God’s leadership for long-term planning for the congregation: Approximately every five years the elder body is responsible for the formulation of a proposal for the Spiritual Vision that is to guide the church and its ministry. The elder body shall develop and implement this spiritual and business plan with input from both membership and staff. The elder body shall serve as advisors to the senior pastor in the implementation and administration of church policy.
  2. Elders are to be competent in teaching the Word of God (Acts 6:3-4; I Timothy 5:17).
  3. Elders are to be models of what it means to be a Christ-follower (I Peter 5:3).
  4. Elders are to be shepherds who care for the flock (I Peter 5:2),
  5. Elders are to be spiritual overseers and leaders.
  6. Elders are to oversee doctrinal purity (Titus 1:9; Acts 20:28-32).
  7. Elders are to exercise biblical discipline of the church membership as set out in the church bylaws (Matthew 18:15-17).
  8. Elders are to pray for the sick (Acts 6:4). and anoint with oil if requested (James 5:13).
  9. Elders are to encourage the congregation the deacons, the senior pastor, and the church staff, and provide leadership when appropriate to help them serve effectively in a spirit of harmony.
  10. Elders are to have a ministry of prayer.
  11. Elders are to keep themselves informed of church ministries.
  12. Elders are to be involved in standing committees by an elder serving as a non-voting liaison.
  13. Elders are to ensure the ongoing of the church’s functions and ministry in the absence of a senior pastor, and in the selection of a new senior pastor, as provided in the church’s bylaws.
  14. Elders are to review church policy documents prepared by its standing committees prior to their presentation to the church.

The rules regarding election of elders are as follows:

  1. Members of First Baptist Belton should prayerfully consider the men God is raising up to serve as elders, in relation to the biblical qualifications of elders set out in Scripture. In April of each year beginning in 2016, the elders will remind the congregation to identify the men they believe God has raised up to be elders.
  2. On or before the first Sunday in May of each year, each adult member of the church may submit the names of the men he/she believes God has raised up to shepherd the congregation on a nomination form provided by the church. The list should be signed and submitted to the senior pastor’s office. Members should be certain in their heart and mind that the person(s) they wish to nominate is (are) fully qualified scripturally and doctrinally.
  3. The nominations from the congregation will be collected by the church clerk, who will provide to the elders with the nomination forms and a list of the men nominated, together with the number of nominations each received.
  4. In June of each year, after considering the nominations from the congregation and their own judgment, the elder body will interview prospective elders selected from the nominees, beginning with those receiving the greatest number of nominations, and then recommend men they believe the Spirit of God has selected to serve the church as elders.
  5. The list of prospective elders recommended by the elder body will be posted in the church, and on appropriate media for a period of two weeks for prayerful consideration. Any member of the congregation who questions a recommended elder’s qualifications should bring their concern to the attention of the elders by a written, signed statement presented to the senior pastor.
  6. After consideration by the elder body, the recommended elders will be presented to the church body for approval at the next business meeting of the church, but not sooner than two weeks after the list of nominees recommended has been posted. If the slate of nominees changes after comments from the church body, the new slate will be posted at least two weeks before a meeting where the election will be considered.
  7. Upon election, the new elders not previously ordained as elders will be ordained as elders by the church at a July or August Sunday evening worship service. New elders will assume office after being ordained, and outgoing elders will vacate their office at the same time. The expectation is that the term of service of new elders would begin on or about August 1 each year. In the event that a man is elected who has already served as an elder at First Baptist Belton in the past, he will take office at the same time as newly ordained elders. If a major event should prevent the election and/or ordination of new elders, the elders who would otherwise rotate off will remain in office until they are replaced by new elders.

Nomination period has ended