Eddie Humphrey’s Five Year Anniversary

Five years ago the First Baptist family began a new season of vibrant, energetic ministry that has served the schools and the families of Bell County, children within our church, and families throughout the world.  This month we celebrate when Eddie Humphrey joined the ministry staff five years ago.  Eddie has served to help children know Jesus intimately by inspiring our Sunday School teachers and equipping them to use some solid Bible study materials.  His recruitment of volunteers and leadership in the launch and implementation of AWANA has fueled many families to take their intimate knowledge of God and discover ways to serve Jesus passionately.  It has been a joy to watch Eddie and his team serve in the community with the addition of Good News Clubs in several elementary schools.  We cannot celebrate Eddie’s influence and leadership here without sharing a little bit about his work to share Jesus globally.  Eddie has led in raising thousands of dollars and countless prayers for the children of Uganda.  I believe with great joy and hope that the future of Uganda is changed because of Eddie’s vision and our children’s efforts in supporting his vision and ministry.  

Looking back, I thank God for bringing Eddie, Kelly, Taylor and Rhett Humphrey to First Baptist.  Join me in praising God for His work through them in blessing so many and it should lead us to be amazed, but no longer surprised. 

About the Author

Jason Goings

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Jason Goings is Executive Pastor for Equipping. He is married to Kelly and they have two children, Jasey and Joshua. Jason loves his ministry team and daily lives in awe of the reality that he is forgiven and adopted by a sovereign God. Understanding his weaknesses and working through his strengths, Jason is striving with his church to celebrate God’s grace, while endeavoring to equip people to hope in God above all things.