Church Votes to Move Forward on the Hilltop

Sunday night, December 16th, 2018, in a special Business Conference, the church voted overwhelmingly to approve the current Hilltop church developmental design process at a projected project cost range of $30-32 million.  This step is enormous.  It allows us to have the architects begin detailed design work.

Here are two things that happen next:

  1. We will begin Capital Fundraising during the month of January.  Details are coming after the holidays.  Remember that we can rejoice that over $7.7 million has already been pledged and the formal campaign has not even begun.
  2. We will have our first “Town Hall” meeting in late January at which time the church family can begin to see, pray about, evaluate, and make suggestions on design details. We have approved, by Sunday’s vote, the basic shape, footprint, and layout.  Now we will begin to look at some design details that can afford you an opportunity for input.

Most importantly: Please continue to pray. Remember, this is a God sized task that is “beyond” our capabilities to accomplish.  But our faithful God has lead us step by step and He will continue to be faithful for our future.

Pastor Andy

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