Our updated check-in system is safer, speedier, and more stewardship-ier. OK, so that’s not really a word, but you get it, don’t you?

  1. No permanent tags
    Child and parent badges will be printed each week so that you no longer have to remember tags or wait in line to replace them when you leave them in the car on a 100-degree day.
  2. Self-service “Express Check-in” kiosks
    Installed in convenient locations, these touch screen units are friendly and easy to use. If you can use the self check-out at a store, you can use Express Check-in. Be on your way in 20 seconds!
  3. Identification via the last four digits of your phone number
    Just tap the last four digits of your family’s primary phone number to call up your family records, select classes, check-in, and print badges.
  4. Check in your whole family at once
    No waiting lines at classrooms to find names on paper rosters. Once checked-in at a kiosk, children can go straight into their rooms.


What happens when my child brings a friend?
Head over to one of our check-in volunteers (either at the west entrance, underneath the tan awning, or at the north entrance), and we will get your child checked in, as well as his friend, and print their badges and a parent badge.

What if Grandma is bringing the kids to church?
She can take the kids to one of our check-in volunteers (either at the west entrance, underneath the tan awning, or at the north entrance) to check in.

Can my kids check themselves in?
Yes.  However, we recommend that families check in together.

What if a parent or child badge is lost?
You can have your badges reprinted with one of our check-in volunteers, but we ask you to stick the badge on your child, and put your parent badge where you will not lose it.

Stewardship-ier? What in the world do you mean?
In addition to the many family-facing benefits of Checkpoint, we will see a multitude of “under the hood” improvements from the change, too. These are important because they help us operate more efficiently and to be better stewards of the resources God has given. Here are some of the ways that will happen:

  1. Attendance records are automated. Attendance is taken on-the-fly as participants check in. This eliminates hours of administration that was being done manually or simply not done at all. Plus, this cuts paper and photocopier usage by a large percentage every week by eliminating redundant pre-printed attendance rosters.
  2. Checkpoint can be used for any event, not just small groups. Now some of the administrative aspects of group meetings, classes, and such, can step back to allow content to remain the focus.
  3. Volunteers will be able to check in, too, improving scheduling and management.
  4. The random nature of a fresh Security Number will assist many families that are navigating difficult custodial issues and increases our level of security for all children and students.
  5. Visitors get focused attention at with our check-in volunteers.
  6. Registration time is reduced. Our old process of registering a family takes about one work week. Checkpoint will allow registration to be completed during the course of a single service.
  7. We eliminate costly laminated nametags which require purchased resources and administrative hours.

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