Church Votes to Move Forward on the Hilltop

Sunday night, December 16th, 2018, in a special Business Conference, the church voted overwhelmingly to approve the current Hilltop church developmental design process at a projected project cost range of $30-32 million.  This step is enormous.  It allows us to have the architects begin detailed design work.

Here are two things that happen next:

  1. We will begin Capital Fundraising during the month of January.  Details are coming after the holidays.  Remember that we can rejoice that over $7.7 million has already been pledged and the formal campaign has not even begun.
  2. We will have our first “Town Hall” meeting in late January at which time the church family can begin to see, pray about, evaluate, and make suggestions on design details. We have approved, by Sunday’s vote, the basic shape, footprint, and layout.  Now we will begin to look at some design details that can afford you an opportunity for input.

Most importantly: Please continue to pray. Remember, this is a God sized task that is “beyond” our capabilities to accomplish.  But our faithful God has lead us step by step and He will continue to be faithful for our future.

Pastor Andy

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Texas Missions Offering Motion for Sunday Night

Missions Committee Motion: Mary Hill Davis Offering for Texas Missions

Starting in 1910, the Mary Hill Davis Offering was established to empower state missions efforts for Texas Baptists. Every September, First Baptist Belton focuses on Texas missions and generously gives to this special offering in order to mobilize ministries and missionaries to go make disciples and multiply churches across the great state of Texas and among all peoples for the glory of God.

As the Missions Committee prayed and discussed the Mary Hill Davis Offering goal for 2018, they unanimously felt God leading them to the following motion:

In lieu of, but in keeping with the spirit, strong tradition, and emphasis on Texas church planting of the Mary Hill Davis Offering (MHDO), the Missions Committee proposes utilizing this year’s offering to provide for First Baptist Belton’s local church plant, Renewal Church, with a Base Offering Goal of $30,000 and a Celebration Goal of $45,000.

The committee recognizes that some members may wish to support the MHDO’s mission efforts beyond church planting. Specifying MHDO in the memo line of the contribution will indicate such a desire, causing the donation to go to the MHDO. However, these donations will not be counted towards the Church Plant offering goal.

The Elders reviewed the Missions Committee motion and unanimously approve the proposal.

As a church, we have funded numerous church plants in Texas through our generous giving to the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Mary Hill Davis Offering. The reasoning behind this proposal is that this year we have the unique opportunity to directly fund the new Texas Baptist church God has led us to plant right here in Bell County.

Focusing our Texas Missions Month and designating our special offering to Renewal Church in September will be a one-time commitment; we will go back to highlighting and funding the Mary Hill Davis Offering next year.

This Sunday, August 19, at 5:30 pm we will host a business conference where church members will be encouraged to discuss and vote on the Missions Committee motion. We have faith that God will lead us as we faithfully follow Him.

Pastor Andy

Update on Renewal Church

I want to share the latest on our church plant, Renewal Church. Over a year ago, the Lord gave the Elders a vision for church planting that is new for our church.  We believe that God is leading us to plant a new congregation in Bell County.  That will be Renewal Church.  After Renewal is launched, we will begin steps toward planting a church in what the North American Mission Board calls “Send Cities.”  That encompasses many of the major cities in the United States. When we called Matthew Levant to be our Minister for Missions, we affirmed that we were calling him to lead us in missions AND to plant a church in Bell County of which he would be the pastor.  I know that we would all agree that Matthew has done a great job in leading us, evidence the nearly twenty mission trips being taken by our people this year.

Soon Matthew will need to devote more and more attention to preparing the new plant.  So, Matt Hollingsworth is leading a search for a new Minister of Missions who will work with Matthew Levant and then replace him when Renewal Church launches Easter Sunday, 2019. This is part of the budget we adopted in March that became effective April 1.

So, it is imperative that we all pray for all that is involved in launching Renewal Church.  There is much work to be done in starting a new work.

In addition to praying, it is necessary that we raise sufficient funding for Renewal to launch well.  Many of you have given or are planning to give.  Our goal is to raise $190K for the launch and first year of the new church.  Through your generosity, to date we have received over $39K.  Now is a great time to give before we have our pledge campaign for our move to the Hilltop. For years, our church has given thousands of dollars to plant churches all over Texas through the Mary Hill Davis offering received each September.  Now we ave the opportunity to plant a church right here among our neighbors.  I hope you will respond. You may do so on The City or by writing a check with “Renewal Church” in the memo line.

In addition to praying and giving, I hope some of you are talking as a family and praying together about being  founding members of Renewal Church. Yes, it would mean leaving FB Belton but in doing so, you would be helping to fulfill the vision God has given us as a church.  If you have questions about what all of that means, Matthew would consider it  a joy to talk with you.

When Renewal begins meeting for worship, they will meet at  North Belton Middle School.   The “permanent location” is yet to be decided and will be a matter of prayer from day one for the new congregation and for us as the “mother church.”

I trust this update is helpful in your understanding of the new church plant.  There are many people who will be reached for Jesus in the years to come.  You and I have the privilege to cooperate with God in the reaching of many through Renewal Church. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Pastor Andy Davis

Hilltop Update

Here is the latest update on the move to the Hilltop.

Our architects are working on our suggested plans. They are focusing on the orientation of buildings and parking, including entrances/exits onto MLK and Loop 121. There are many factors to be taken into consideration such as views from inside looking out (the property is beautiful), sun and wind, existing vegetation, drainage, utilities, city ordinances, and more.

The firm is also focusing on access—something that is of major importance to all of us. That includes the entrances and exits, internal traffic flow—both inside and outside of buildings, parking, and expandable parking.

We are committed to a front entry point that says, “You are welcome here.” We want a modern design that fits Central Texas, that looks like a church but is not ostentatious. We need our facilities to be maintainable, fully accessible, and expandable as we anticipate growth.

Most importantly, we want a church that has a structure that glorifies God. We anticipate having something for the church family to see from the architect by sometime in September or early October. If you like what you see without too many major changes, we could have a ceremonial groundbreaking in the fall followed by actual construction in late March or early April. You will be voting on the design as well as the cost.

A formal fundraising campaign for Faithful God Faithful Future will begin in the fall. The plans are being worked as I type. Some people have already started giving. THANK YOU!!! You do not have to wait if you feel led to start giving now, but the formal pledge effort will begin after the summer months.

We are also, with the help of attorneys, in consultation with UMHB on the formal memorandum of agreement between the university and the church that will be the basis for the actual contract. That is going very smoothly, as you would expect between two institutions that love and respect each other. We anticipate closing on the property in early fall.

So, pray and pray some more. Give, if you wish to start. Anticipate something to see on paper in the fall. To God be the glory.

Pastor Andy Davis

What Are We Doing About the Texas Border Situation?

I know we are all concerned about the situation in our country and at our own Texas border. I wanted to share this message with you from Texas Baptists. Please watch the video and follow the link for tangible ways to help if you feel led:

We at Texas Baptists often get calls asking what are you doing in the Valley to help the immigration situation and what can we do. Please see the video below for a brief introduction. Texas Baptists have been working in the Valley for decades. We have addressed the problems of migrants coming across the board, especially the unaccompanied minor crisis for years. We are heavily invested in helping the “stranger.”

We know there are a lot of politics involved in all of this. Our concern is not politics, but helping people in need with the love of Christ and sharing with them the Gospel. If you feel you can, please share this video with others.

Pastor Andy

To read more CLICK HERE.

What’s Next, Church?

On May 20 the church voted overwhelmingly to move forward with the land swap between the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor ( and First Baptist Belton. Many have asked, “What is next?”

During these summer months, final details will be worked out between the church and the university. Our architects are working on drawings to help us imagine the possibilities of how we may want to design the new site.

Plans are being made for a Faithful God Faithful Future pledge campaign. We will ask the church family to make a monetary commitment payable over five years. Some have asked if they can begin to give now. The answer is yes. In fact, through last Sunday several people have already given over $26,000. You can give on The City ( or you can write a check with Faithful God Faithful Future (FGFF) in the memo line.

Is that all? NO! Vacation Bible School begins Monday. Our first international mission trip (of twelve during the summer) departed for Moldova this morning. We are moving forward in our church plant, Renewal Church in receiving money for the start-up and praying about who will go with Matthew to begin the work.

There will be camps for youth and children this summer. The 47th Annual God and Country Concert will take place on Sunday, July 1. Meanwhile, we continue to gather for worship and Bible study each Sunday. That’s where I hope to see you this Lord’s Day.

Please continue to pray! Remember: We cannot do all of this, but God can!

Pastor Andy

Pray for Revival in America

This past Sunday morning, in light of the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, I made a statement strongly condemning racism in all its forms. I called on the church to speak up, not to be silent, and to use our influence in our community to decry violence and racism, and neo-Nazism in all its forms. It is true that America has been racked by loud voices and violence in many of our big cities since the day after the Presidential election and it needs to end.

I believe that the church must speak loudly and single out racism whenever it raises its head in our country. What happened in Virginia was disgusting and the loss of life was sickening. The faces we saw on our television screens were angry faces representing hearts filled with hatred. The reason the faces are angry and the hearts are hateful is that the hearts are empty spiritually. They do not know Jesus. Some carried crosses trying to give the impression that they are Christ followers. Nothing could be farther from the truth. No one who is truly a Christian and has the love of Jesus in his heart can possibly be racist. It is not possible. The love of Christ drives out hatred.

Jesus told us clearly to love one another. Paul told us to be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving one another even as Christ has forgiven us. Ephesians 4:32. Revelation tells us in Chapter 7 verse 9: “ After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.” There is simply no compatibility between racism and the Scripture.

So, church, please pray. Please use your influence. Never be silent in the face of the blatant sin of racism. Tell people about Jesus. Pray for revival in America. May it begin here if that would please God.

Pastor Andy

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