Bridges to Healing – Combat PTSD

The Combat Trauma Healing ManualFor those of you looking for a good study on Christ-centered solutions for Combat Trauma, this is a great place to start. Bridges to Healing is a ministry within Military Ministry, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ International, and has produced a 10 step manual aimed to heal all variations of combat related trauma.
Chris Adsit, the author of “Connecting with God”, takes the reader from understanding the spiritual context of combat trauma through the natural change process to finally getting back to “normal” by defining your mission. Any church, chaplain, or minister who comes into contact with military service members on a regular basis needs to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of PTSD and definitely needs to have a copy of this book.
The book is designed to be used in small groups, but can also be helpful one on one. It is not recommended that this is simply handed off to a soldier diagnosed with PTSD because community and relationship is so important to the healing process, but if there is no other option it is better than nothing. Combat PTSD is becoming an epidemic among our troops returning from the middle east, according to MG (Ret) Bob Dees, exectutive director of Military Ministry, and we need to start looking at it in that way.
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