A Special Evening

SpecialSundaySunday night June 23 was a very special Sunday evening in the life of our church. At the Business Conference scheduled that evening, the church voted unanimously to elect our first Elder Body. Those who will serve are: Pastor Andy Davis, Dr. Jerry Bawcom, Dr. Wallace Davis, Dr. Kent Elliott, Dr. Randy Hughes, Bobby Johnson, and Mike Miller. The church was gracious in its approval and applause. This culminates a process of over two years. An Ordination/Recognition Service will be scheduled for sometime in August.

At the Business Conference, the church voted to ordain David Villarreal to the Gospel Ministry. David and his wife Rut are a great blessing to our church. We are working on a date for that ordination also.

After the Business Conference, we heard a report from our recently returned East Asia mission team. The report of what God is doing in that part of the world was so encouraging and exciting. Then we commissioned the Kenya Medical Mission Team that departs for Africa on the 6th. Please pray for them as they seek to bring physical and spiritual healing to many. We will hear from them when they return.

For those in attendance, it was an historic night in the long journey of First Baptist Church. Our desire is to know Jesus intimately, serve Jesus passionately, and share Jesus globally