Veritas. In Concert. Sunday, September 16 at 5:30 pm.

The Sacred Music Concert Series presents Veritas in concert on Sunday, September 16 at 5:30 pm in our worship center. The concert is free and open to everyone.

Veritas is a contemporary classical vocal group of 5 men who have shared their powerful music all across the country and joined Sandi Patty on her Forever Grateful tour.

In a powerful crescendo of accomplishment over the past several years, contemporary classical vocal group Veritas found themselves in some tremendous places, from belting out their signature power harmonies on the Carnegie Hall stage to crooning cruisers in the middle of the Caribbean, to joining Sandi Patty on her Forever Grateful tour.


They also found themselves interacting with thousands of fans after shows and online, hearing their stories, their challenges, and most of all, their hopes.

This, in turn, energized Veritas’ purpose. With their sophomore record, Hope Survives, the men of Veritas–Jeff Anderson, James Berrian, Andrew Goodwin, Jordan Johnson and Lucas Scott Lawrence–are wielding their powerful, dramatic musical arsenal to communicate the hope expressed by their fans, as well as the hope which guides each of their lives.

“We get so many messages from people on social media, and lots of emails telling us how they were going through a horrible time, and our music reminded them of God’s love for them,” Lawrence said. “It gave them hope.”

The power of hope is also something very real and personal to each member of Veritas.

Find out more at:

Super Sibs Registration

Super Sibs Registration Form

Please submit one form per child

Super Sibs is an event for siblings of individuals with special needs. Saturday, September 14th from 9am to noon in the gym.

This event consists of games, food, crafts and fun activities designed to support and encourage siblings.

Children in kindergarten-5th grade are invited. There is no cost to attend.

Questions? Contact Tracy O’Banon at:

Enter as: mm/dd/yyyy
Complimentary T-Shirt
I consent and give permission for the use of photographs of my child taken during this event to be used in the promotion of First Baptist Belton on, First Baptist Belton social media, and in printed materials.

Upward Basketball

Upward Basketball


September 30th – October 27th. The price is $60.

Late Registration: October 28th-November 3rd. The price is $70. (You will not be able to register after November 3rd so be sure to register before the cut off).


Who: Girls and Boys in current grades of Kindergarten through 6th grade

What: Upward Basketball

When: Practice will start the week of January 6th, 2020. There is one practice a week. Games are every Saturday starting January 18th and ending on February 22nd.

Where: There are multiple gyms that teams will be practicing/playing their games out of this season.

Why: To teach boys and girls the fundamentals of basketball and to learn more about Jesus and grow in our faith


Kindergarten: This will be co-ed.

Boys: 1st/2nd , 3rd/4th,  5th/6th

Girls: 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, 5th/6th


If you would like to coach please contact Les Williams at or 254.939.0705.

Dates for Coaches Meeting/Player Draft:

December 2nd: Kindergarten: 5:30pm

December 2nd: 1st/2nd Grade GIRLS: 6:30pm

December 3rd: 1ST/2nd  Grade BOYS: 5:30pm

December 3rd: 3rd/4th  Grade GIRLS: 6:30pm

December 5th: 3RD/4TH  Grade BOYS 5:30pm

December 5th: 5TH/6TH  Grade GIRLS: 6:30pm

December 5th: 5th/6th Grade BOYS: 7:30pm


Below are the dates for the assessment. There is only one date for each division. Please make a point to be at the assessments. It is very important as the teams are formulated that we are able to assess the skill of each player. All assessments take place in the First Baptist Belton Gym.

November 18th: Kindergarten: 5:30-6:15pm

November 18th: 1st/2nd Grade BOYS: 6:30-7:15pm

November 19th: 3rd/4th Grade BOYS: 5:30-6:15pm

November 19th: 5th/6th Grade BOYS: 6:30-7:30pm

November 21st: 1st/2nd Grade GIRLS: 5:30-6:15pm

November 21st: 3rd/4th Grade GIRLS: 6:30-7:15pm

November 21st5th/6th Grade GIRLS: 7:30-8:15pm

Texas Missions Month Blog: Week 5

Commitment Issues

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the simplest of tasks become gargantuan undertakings? Like hanging picture frames on the wall. No big deal, right? Nope. While living in Abu Dhabi, the simple task of hanging a picture frame was anything but easy. Since the walls were made of cinder block, we had to use 3M Command strips and hooks, which worked fine to hang small picture frames. But, hanging curtains or larger pictures required complete commitment.

I needed a power drill, special drill bits, wall anchors, and screws. Oh yeah, I also needed a dose of patience and humor because drilling into concrete caused clouds of dust to engulf me, set off cracks across the wall, and made chunks of the wall crumble and fall before my eyes. Once a picture was up on the wall, there was NO MOVING it. Sometimes we were all-in. We’d commit to hanging the picture frame. Other times? Not so much.

Commitment: a dedication or obligation that binds an individual to a particular person, cause, or course of action.

Whether it’s at school, work, church, in our relationships, with our finances, or hanging picture frames on concrete walls, we all have commitments. Commitment is a part of life. It should be normal for us to commit. I say that because God created us to reflect His character. God is committed to us.

If so, why do we have commitment issues? We live in an age where it has become normal for us to fear commitment. There are lots of reasons why we have commitment issues; I’ll just mention a few of the most common ones:

Fear of Disappointment

If you’ve been let down before, you might be afraid of committing again. Stepping out into the unknown or unfamiliar can be terrifying if past attempts were met with deep disappointment.

Fear of Failure

Sadly, many people feel worthless or useless. These unhealthy feelings can be a result of many factors including past failure or toxic relationships. I’ve met many paralyzed people who couldn’t bring themselves to attempt anything for God because they dreaded failing again.

Fear of Pain

None of us want to be uncomfortable, taste rejection, or hurt again. Our fear of discomfort and pain is a powerful motivation to avoid commitment.

Commitment Issues and Church Planting

As we approach the conclusion of Texas Missions Month, are you facing paralyzing anxiety and fear?

Maybe you have sensed the Spirit of God calling you to give a gift to fund the church plant start-up, but you are afraid to make the commitment. Perhaps, you are sensing God stirring in your heart to leave your home church, join the Renewal Church Launch Team, and help plant this new church…but you’re too fearful to commit.

Deep within your soul, you know what God is calling you to do for His Kingdom, and yet, you find yourself motionless.

God Makes Us Brave

What’s the difference between being a coward and being brave? The coward runs away and hides in the face of fear. Being brave means you take action in the face of fear.

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear…” (1 John 4:18)

From eternity past, long before you were even conceived, God deeply loved you. Today, in the middle of your brokenness and fears, God deeply loves you. Tomorrow, and for all of eternity, you will be deeply loved by God. Knowing and believing that you are the recipient of eternal and perfect love pushes all the fears away! God makes you brave!

You are not defined by your disappointments, failures, or pain. If you belong to God, you are defined by who you are in Jesus. You are loved, chosen, adopted, redeemed, anointed, victorious, set apart as holy, and called to “proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” (1 Peter 2:9)

We have a mission to accomplish for the glory of our King! There are thousands of unchurched people in Bell County that are desperate for God’s renewal, which is why we are planting Renewal Church.

God is faithful to us. Through His empowering, we can be faithful to Him.

See What God can do Through You

Sunday, September 30 is Church Plant Commitment Sunday. Members of First Baptist Belton will have a unique opportunity to express their commitment to Renewal Church during the worship services.

Have you heard God’s voice calling you to PRAY, GIVE, or GO?

Adventure awaits! What’s holding you back? Reach out for God in the middle of your uncertainty and know that your Father won’t disappoint you. You are already trusting God with your eternity. Maybe now is the time for you to see what God can do through you when you trust Him with today.

Matthew Levant
Church Planter

Texas Missions Month Blog: Week 1

Do we really need a new church in Texas?

I live deep in the heart of Texas. Literally—I live right at the center of Texas—in the metropolis of Belton. Ha! If you know Texas geography, you already know the Temple/Belton area is not exactly a metropolis. I live in a place where the whole Friday-night-football-fueled community cheers for the Belton Tigers or Temple Wildcats, everyone knows everyone, and grocery stores are filled with Texas products.

Skyline of Steeples

But, I think the picture that best sums up the Central Texas culture can be seen from Interstate 35 as you come upon Belton: a skyline of steeples. Seeing the beautiful array of church steeples reminds me that I no longer live in the Middle East—I’m in the middle of the Bible Belt! With a church on every corner, it really brings the question into focus…

Do we really need a new church in Texas? And more specifically: Do we really need a new church in Bell County? As someone that has sensed the Spirit of God calling me to plant a new church in Central Texas, these questions are close to my heart.

Not Your Grandparents’ Bell County

Unless you live here, you likely won’t know this, but Bell County is experiencing explosive growth. This is not your grandparents’ (or even parents’) Bell County! This small Texas community is in the middle of a population boom where we desperately need more stores and restaurants to meet the needs of a growing population.

I recently took my family to The Gin at Nolan Creek so that we could enjoy an evening filled with feeding ducks, listening to live music, and eating frozen yogurt. What’s the problem? I couldn’t find anywhere to park! I went to Megg’s Café in Temple for lunch with a friend last week, but had to wait 30 minutes to get seated! It was worth the wait, but wouldn’t it be great if there were a second Megg’s Café?

Having to deal with road construction on Highway 317 as I take my two oldest kids to school every morning also reminds me of the population growth.

I recently read the Belton Independent School District “Ten Year Plan” that includes adding elementary schools, a middle school, and a new high school due to the population growth.

Read the well-written piece here:

Central Texas is growing. Just like the existing restaurants, roads, and schools can’t keep up, the existing churches can’t keep up either. We need more churches in Belton, Temple, and all of Bell County simply to keep up with the population growth.

A New Church to Reach New People

All the churches combined in Bell County are reaching 8.9% of the total population. In our increasingly secular society, we cannot expect the unchurched to come to us. We must go and engage people outside the church. Renewal Church will focus on reaching the thousands of people that will never enter a traditional church building.

Giving to the Vision

If you want to learn more about the Renewal Church vision, visit

We’d love to connect with you!

Our sending church, First Baptist Belton, is collecting a special Texas Missions Offering in September with a $45,000 goal dedicated to funding the Renewal Church start-up. If you desire to give toward the vision, you can do so online or use the Renewal Church giving envelopes on Sunday morning at First Baptist Belton.

The task is daunting, but the words of Jesus propel us to press forward: “…And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Matthew Levant

Church Planter

Texas Missions Offering Motion for Sunday Night

Missions Committee Motion: Mary Hill Davis Offering for Texas Missions

Starting in 1910, the Mary Hill Davis Offering was established to empower state missions efforts for Texas Baptists. Every September, First Baptist Belton focuses on Texas missions and generously gives to this special offering in order to mobilize ministries and missionaries to go make disciples and multiply churches across the great state of Texas and among all peoples for the glory of God.

As the Missions Committee prayed and discussed the Mary Hill Davis Offering goal for 2018, they unanimously felt God leading them to the following motion:

In lieu of, but in keeping with the spirit, strong tradition, and emphasis on Texas church planting of the Mary Hill Davis Offering (MHDO), the Missions Committee proposes utilizing this year’s offering to provide for First Baptist Belton’s local church plant, Renewal Church, with a Base Offering Goal of $30,000 and a Celebration Goal of $45,000.

The committee recognizes that some members may wish to support the MHDO’s mission efforts beyond church planting. Specifying MHDO in the memo line of the contribution will indicate such a desire, causing the donation to go to the MHDO. However, these donations will not be counted towards the Church Plant offering goal.

The Elders reviewed the Missions Committee motion and unanimously approve the proposal.

As a church, we have funded numerous church plants in Texas through our generous giving to the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Mary Hill Davis Offering. The reasoning behind this proposal is that this year we have the unique opportunity to directly fund the new Texas Baptist church God has led us to plant right here in Bell County.

Focusing our Texas Missions Month and designating our special offering to Renewal Church in September will be a one-time commitment; we will go back to highlighting and funding the Mary Hill Davis Offering next year.

This Sunday, August 19, at 5:30 pm we will host a business conference where church members will be encouraged to discuss and vote on the Missions Committee motion. We have faith that God will lead us as we faithfully follow Him.

Pastor Andy

The Vision for Our Church Plant: Renewal Church

The Vision for Our Church Plant: Renewal Church

“And he who was seated on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new.’” (Revelation 21:5)

Through Jesus, God is at work restoring people from all nations to their original purpose: worshiping God by enjoying His presence forever.

The team prepare to present the new church plant to First Baptist Belton, April 29, 2018.

The vision for Renewal Church is to bring God’s renewal to Bell County and the world. By the grace of God and the empowering of His Spirit, we will fulfill this vision through Gospel-centered ministry where people will be made new in Jesus, grow in Jesus, and be released into the world for Jesus. Renewal Church will be a Jesus-worshipping, discipleship-focused, missional-minded faith family.

Our heart’s desire is to plant a new church to reach new people. No individual church will reach everyone in Bell County. However, by multiplying healthy churches across our region, we will see the Kingdom of God expanded further and more of God’s glory displayed.

Not-So-New Idea for First Baptist Belton

About two years ago Pastor Andy began to cast the vision for church planting locally, nationally, and globally. On May 21, 2017, First Baptist Belton agreed to follow the Elder Body’s leadership and become a church that actively seeks to start new churches in Bell County, across North America, and among the unreached peoples of the world. Renewal Church is the first step toward fulfilling this new vision.

On the other hand, the vision for planting churches is not really new to First Baptist Belton. For over 100 years, we have collected the Mary Hill Davis Offering in September to support Texas Missions. A significant portion of this special offering supports new church plants in Texas. Furthermore, 28% of our church missions budget is dedicated to the Bell Baptist Association (BBA) and the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT). Both the BBA and BGCT are aggressively focused on planting new churches in Bell County. By planting a new church right here in Texas, we are actively participating in the same endeavor that we have already been funding for over a century.

Stepping into The Story

God is telling a glorious story of renewal that includes you and me. Do you want to see what God can do through you? Step into His story!

Since God has called First Baptist Belton to plant Renewal Church, as a member of this church, YOU ARE a part of this church plant. No church member is excluded. The question: How is God calling you to participate?

On Sunday, August 26 the message will be titled “Can’t Stay Here”.

Preparing for Our Church Plant

We ask that you seek God’s face as you prepare your heart for this important moment in the history of First Baptist Belton.

  • Will you commit to PRAY intentionally?
  • Will you commit to GIVE a sacrificial one-time gift or monthly support? Thus far, we have collect about $44,000, which is wonderful! However, the start-up expenses are closer to $190,000. We need to raise the full amount before our financial focus shifts to our new building campaign.
  • Will you commit to GO and join the launch team?

William Carey, the father of modern missions said it well: “Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.” May we be a church that attempts great things for the glory of our God!

Matthew Levant

Minister of Missions and Church Planter

Update on Renewal Church

I want to share the latest on our church plant, Renewal Church. Over a year ago, the Lord gave the Elders a vision for church planting that is new for our church.  We believe that God is leading us to plant a new congregation in Bell County.  That will be Renewal Church.  After Renewal is launched, we will begin steps toward planting a church in what the North American Mission Board calls “Send Cities.”  That encompasses many of the major cities in the United States. When we called Matthew Levant to be our Minister for Missions, we affirmed that we were calling him to lead us in missions AND to plant a church in Bell County of which he would be the pastor.  I know that we would all agree that Matthew has done a great job in leading us, evidence the nearly twenty mission trips being taken by our people this year.

Soon Matthew will need to devote more and more attention to preparing the new plant.  So, Matt Hollingsworth is leading a search for a new Minister of Missions who will work with Matthew Levant and then replace him when Renewal Church launches Easter Sunday, 2019. This is part of the budget we adopted in March that became effective April 1.

So, it is imperative that we all pray for all that is involved in launching Renewal Church.  There is much work to be done in starting a new work.

In addition to praying, it is necessary that we raise sufficient funding for Renewal to launch well.  Many of you have given or are planning to give.  Our goal is to raise $190K for the launch and first year of the new church.  Through your generosity, to date we have received over $39K.  Now is a great time to give before we have our pledge campaign for our move to the Hilltop. For years, our church has given thousands of dollars to plant churches all over Texas through the Mary Hill Davis offering received each September.  Now we ave the opportunity to plant a church right here among our neighbors.  I hope you will respond. You may do so on The City or by writing a check with “Renewal Church” in the memo line.

In addition to praying and giving, I hope some of you are talking as a family and praying together about being  founding members of Renewal Church. Yes, it would mean leaving FB Belton but in doing so, you would be helping to fulfill the vision God has given us as a church.  If you have questions about what all of that means, Matthew would consider it  a joy to talk with you.

When Renewal begins meeting for worship, they will meet at  North Belton Middle School.   The “permanent location” is yet to be decided and will be a matter of prayer from day one for the new congregation and for us as the “mother church.”

I trust this update is helpful in your understanding of the new church plant.  There are many people who will be reached for Jesus in the years to come.  You and I have the privilege to cooperate with God in the reaching of many through Renewal Church. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Pastor Andy Davis

Hilltop Update

Here is the latest update on the move to the Hilltop.

Our architects are working on our suggested plans. They are focusing on the orientation of buildings and parking, including entrances/exits onto MLK and Loop 121. There are many factors to be taken into consideration such as views from inside looking out (the property is beautiful), sun and wind, existing vegetation, drainage, utilities, city ordinances, and more.

The firm is also focusing on access—something that is of major importance to all of us. That includes the entrances and exits, internal traffic flow—both inside and outside of buildings, parking, and expandable parking.

We are committed to a front entry point that says, “You are welcome here.” We want a modern design that fits Central Texas, that looks like a church but is not ostentatious. We need our facilities to be maintainable, fully accessible, and expandable as we anticipate growth.

Most importantly, we want a church that has a structure that glorifies God. We anticipate having something for the church family to see from the architect by sometime in September or early October. If you like what you see without too many major changes, we could have a ceremonial groundbreaking in the fall followed by actual construction in late March or early April. You will be voting on the design as well as the cost.

A formal fundraising campaign for Faithful God Faithful Future will begin in the fall. The plans are being worked as I type. Some people have already started giving. THANK YOU!!! You do not have to wait if you feel led to start giving now, but the formal pledge effort will begin after the summer months.

We are also, with the help of attorneys, in consultation with UMHB on the formal memorandum of agreement between the university and the church that will be the basis for the actual contract. That is going very smoothly, as you would expect between two institutions that love and respect each other. We anticipate closing on the property in early fall.

So, pray and pray some more. Give, if you wish to start. Anticipate something to see on paper in the fall. To God be the glory.

Pastor Andy Davis


Women's Ministry

The women’s ministry at First Baptist Belton seeks to minister to women of all ages and all walks of life. Come join us as we seek to know our heavenly Father in a deeper more personal way through fellowship, Bible study, and mentoring. We have a number of ministry opportunities available!

DOWNLOAD the winter newsletter.

Come join us as we seek to know our heavenly Father in a deeper more personal way through fellowship

Bible Study

We have several new and different studies going on each semester.

Finding God Faithful

by Kelly Minter

Begins Monday, September 9 at 7 pm

Facilitated by Ronda Leech, 1007 Terra Alta, Belton.

In the midst of hardship, tragedy, and unanswered questions, it’s difficult to glimpse God at work. How do we hold onto our faith during these times? How do we trust God is working all things for our good and His glory?

Over 8 sessions, trace the path of Joseph’s life in the Book of Genesis to observe how God’s sovereignty reigns, even in our darkest moments. Learn to recognize when God is working during periods of waiting, trust God’s plan when life doesn’t make sense, and rest in the sufficiency of His presence in every circumstance. His provision is enough, His presence is constant, and His purpose is unstoppable.

One in a Million

by Priscilla Shirer

Begins Wednesday, September 11 at 9:15 am

Facilitated by Jill Read and Christi Bledsoe, Room 257 (childcare provided).

The Egyptians in Exodus 1 were intent on enslaving the Israelites, wearing them down so that God’s chosen people would become disillusioned and not live up to their destiny.

Of the original two million Israelites who received God’s invitation to enter the Promised Land, only two actually entered it! Similarly, modern day Christians often hear and understand the promises of God each Sunday morning at church but then rarely choose to experience them in everyday life.

In One in a Million, Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer invites us to change that pattern for good, living beyond our circumstances, and expecting to see God move in miraculous ways day after day. Without a doubt, we can  and follow God’s purpose for our journey.

We can make it to the Promised Land!

Moms Together Group

Facilitated by Anne Clemmons, Angel Self, and Kathy Thompson, Room 259.

Begins Wednesday, September 11 at 9:15 am

A “get to know you” time and fellowship!

Ruth – Loss, Love and Legacy

by Kelly Minter

Begins Wednesday, September 18

Ruth is a women’s Bible study of Ruth’s journey of unbearable loss, redeeming love, and divine legacy. The second in the Living Room Series, this 6-week study delves into the virtuous character of Ruth, her unique relationship with her mother-in-law Naomi, and her blossoming love with Boaz.

If you’ve ever felt devastated, struggled as a stranger, longed to be loved, or wept along the way, you’ll find a loyal sister in Ruth.

Precept – Romans Part 2 & 3

by Kay Arthur

Begins Wednesday, September 4

Facilitated by Kandy Kirkley, Room 258

Romans Part 2 – Freed from Sin’s Power

Free from the guilt and power of sin, but what about the flesh? Discover how justification by faith relates to day-by-day living through the Holy Spirit’s power – the amazing process of sanctification.

Romans Part 3 – The Sovereignty of God and the Free Will of Man

God doesn’t go back on His promises. He can always be trusted.

Romans 9-11 is an extended discussion of the subject of God’s sovereignty—election, predestination, and responsibility — focusing on His choice of Israel and His faithfulness to His covenant.

Questions? Contact Tammy McKee (

Shoulder to Shoulder

Shoulder to Shoulder is a ministry to women of all ages. Zephaniah 3:9 says “For then I will give to the people purified lips, that all of them may call on the Lord, to serve Him shoulder to shoulder.” Our aim is for women across the age spectrum to come together, call on the Lord and serve Him shoulder to shoulder. S2S groups are small groups women of various ages that meet monthly for a couple of hours. The purpose is to make friends across the generations. The leaders of each group provide a short devotion at each meeting that requires no preparation ahead of time.

If you would like to join us, contact Ronda Leech (254-718-9730).

Women's Groups

Women on Mission

The Debbie Cox Mission group meets on the 3rd Monday of each month for an exciting mission speaker, followed by a brief business meeting and pot-luck lunch.

Newcomers are welcome.

3rd Monday of the month, 9:30 am, in Room 124.

Carley Mission Group

Ladies who are interested in learning more about missions and participating in mission activities are invited to meet with us. Hear from those who have gone on mission trips as well as for those who are currently serving on the mission field around the globe.

Several times during the year we are actively involved in local mission projects in our community.

Come join with us and serve Jesus passionately!

Every 2nd Monday of the month, 3:30 – 5 pm in the church library.

Women's Events

Women’s Game Night

Join us as women of all ages come together to have fun and fellowship by playing and laughing together. Bring your favorite finger food to share with all that show up.

We will have several games set up with a person hosting a game (for example, Five Crowns, Fast Track, Dominoes, Pegs and Jokers).

This would be a great time to invite a friend to church and to meet other women in the church.

Fall In With Friends

Thursday, September 19th, 6 – 8 pm, Room 126.

Gather With Thankful Friends

Thursday, November 21st, 6 – 8 pm, Room 126.

REFIT is a combination of fitness, worship and fellowship.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm in the 423 N. Pearl (portable in the Pearl Street parking lot)

Contact Jessica Scott at or 254-421-9469 if you have any questions.

(254) 939-0705 | 506 N. Main Street Belton, TX 76513